Jason Ivler, Xian Lim, John Apacible

Here’s the take for Jason Ivler, Xian Lim and John Apacible this week:

Jason Ivler‘s mom Marlene Aguilar doesn’t mind telling the whole world that she would pay to satisfy her son’s sex drive if the prison police would allow it.

Marlene Aguilar is Freddie Aguilar’s sister.

Previously, these were what we got:

  • Jason Ivler pleads not guilty to road-rage murder charge
  • Marlene Aguilar-Pollard on son Jason Ivler: “He is the price I pay for being the kind of person I am.”
  • Freddie Aguilar rails against NBI for bloody shootout during nephew’s arrest

Xian Lim‘s photo scandal remains to be a hot topic online. This Katorse star and Cosmo hunk has something interesting hidden that needs to be told.

Actor John Apacible (real name: Enrique Apacible) was shot dead following a supposed argument with his uncle in Cainta, Rizal before dawn Sunday. John’s uncle has reportedly been charged with homicide. The 61-year-old seaman, Armando Rustia, has been formally charged by the Rizal provincial prosecutor’s office, although the suspect has continued to insist he only acted in self defense, as reported by GMA News on March 22.

John is part of the series Minsan Lang Kita Iibigin.

Apacible’s girlfriend, former Viva Hot Babes Anna Leah Javier, expressed regret about what happened. As reported, Javier said Apacible left their condo unit in Ortigas a few days before his death following a misunderstanding with her. She lamented not being able to apologize to him and not exerting enough effort to patch things up.

Apacible and Javier have reportedly been together for eight years, and have planned to marry this year.

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